Bernt Nilsson
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Lund University
phone: +46462228088, fax: +46462224526, cell: +46703178088
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Research activities

         mathematical modelling and simulation techniques

         model calibration and optimization techniques

         model based operation and control

         model based engineering and computer tools

         main applications:

o    protein chromatography for biopharmaceutical applications

o    industrial chromatographic systems in pharmaceutical and special metal industries

o    chemical reactor systems in pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries

o    thermal power plants


Research group (dec 2013)

         six active PhD students (Andersson, Max Hansen, Ojala, Johansson, Knutson, Sellberg)

         one post-doc (Holmqvist)

         two research assistants (Bigelius, Hagman)

         six graduated PhD students


Publications (reviewed): 70 (dec 2013)



Undergraduate teaching at
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

         Transport processes, KETF01, basic course in second year

         Process Simulation, KETN01, advanced course in fourth year

         "Process Simulation FK", KET410, individual project course in fourth/fifth year

         Applied Transport processes, KETN10, advanced course in fourth/fifth year

         Master thesis work, supervised 77 MSc these (dec 2013)


PhD courses

         Mathematical modelling of process systems, KET050F

         Model calibration of process systems, KET055F

         Advanced process simulation, KET020F

         Optimization of process systems, KET070F

         Computer aided process engineering, KET060F

         Optimization of process systems part II, continue KET060F

         Preparative chromatography

Collaboration with industry and society


Process Industry Centre at Lund University, PIC-LU

         financed by SSF, VINNOVA, STEM and process industry

         Centre leader

         Project leader, project 1 and 4


Active Industrial Collaborations (jan 2013)

         Novo Nordisk (biopharma)

         Pfizer (biopharma)

         AkzoNobel (chromatography)

         K.A.Rasmussen (metals)

         Modelon (software&eng)

         Siemens (energy)

         Tetra Pak (food)

         SYDvatten (water)


Industrial courses

         Industrial process simulation

         Process engineering