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Computer Aided Process Engineering
PhD course, Dept. of Chemical Engineering


Computer Aided Process Engineering
KET060F, PhD course at Chemical Engineering, Lund University
individual schedule

Course description: The course is based on a major case study where model based engineering is used to solve a process engineering problem. The course is focused on two main parts, namely modeling and problem solving:

         Modelling; The first part is to develop a mathematical model and calibrate it against experimental data, after performed experiments alternatively collect data.

         Problem Solving; The second part is to use the model in problem solving. Examples of typical problem formulations are to analyze or to optimize the behavior of a certain objective.

         The case study is based on an industrial relevant project

The course is based on individual project work resulting in problem solution. The result is presented in a report and oral at a seminar. The methodology is actively presented for other PhD students in a laboratory exercises.


The course use tools available in the research groups like MATLAB, COMSOL, gPROMS, ASPEN, Fluent,

Reference literature:
Beers, Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering, Cambridge (2007)

Examination: written and oral presentation of the project, laboratory exercise
Points: 10 hp

Contact: prof. Bernt Nilsson (046 222 80 88)