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Optimization of Process System - part II
PhD course, Dept. of Chemical Engineering


Optimization of process system part II
Feb-May 2014, PhD course at Chemical Engineering, Lund University
Course description:
This is a continuation of the course KET070F, Optimization of process system.
This course is focus on two parts:

     I.        alternative formulations of optimization problems and the properties of alternative solution methods

   II.        the technique and skill to formulate and reformulate optimization problems and solve them in a set of computer tools.

Content and schedule

1.   Trajectory optimization (March), 3/3 15.30 Introduction

                     I.        Simultaneous method (collocation) and sequential methods ( multi-shooting)

                   II.        MATLAB based tools and JModelica based tools

2.   Multi-objective optimization and differential evolution methods (April),

                     I.        Formulation of optimization problems, Pareto optimization and its properties,

                   II.        DE-optimization in MATLAB using computer cluster

3.   Robust optimization (May),

                     I.        Deterministic (worst-case) and stochastic (probabilistic) formulation

                   II.        MATLAB based tools


MATLAB and mainly Optimization and Global Optimization toolboxes.
Python, and CasADi framework

Format: Course is a set of workshops with a common course report
: active participation at workshop and contribution to the final course report

: 5 hp

Contact: Anders Holmqvist or Bernt Nilsson